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"Shiitake", or translated Shii= Tree Take=Mushroom is a mushroom native to Asia where they have been cultivated on logs for centuries, over the last few years the process that we use was developed to cultivate the Shiitake on blocks of woodchip & saw dust.

Shiitake is a “fleshy” mushroom, ideal as a meat replacement in vegetarian and vegan cooking. The distinct flavour works excellently in Asian cooking, try some fresh Shiitake in a stir-fry, and also in our traditional meals, experiment with the dried Shiitake in a chicken & mushroom pie, or to enrich a beef casserole.

Shiitake mushrooms are widely referred to as "medicinal mushrooms" due to their long history of medical use, particularly in oriental medicine traditions.

The special combination of antioxidants found in shiitake mushrooms together with their high levels of the three B vitamins (B2, B5 & B6) make them a natural candidate for providing us with protection from a variety of problems especially cardiovascular and immune function.

If you are currently trying to lose weight, shiitake mushrooms make a great diet food. Not only do they contain a small amount of calories (16kal per 100g), but they also help speed up the metabolism and are packed with plenty of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber slows down digestion so you feel full for a longer period of time.

There are added benefits in the Umami Seasoning; seaweeds are rich in potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium because these minerals are so concentrated in sea water. Seaweed also one of the few vegetable sources of vitamin B-12.


Oyster mushrooms are a very delicate mushrooms in flavour and texture. We grow 2 varieties, Golden & Grey Oysters, they both taste similar, but can add a splash of colour to a meal. They add a slightly smoky taste to a crostini, or lightly fried they look beautiful in a mushroom risotto or garlic mushroom dish.

This mushroom is also reported to have anti viral and immune boosting properties.


Grow your own kits

Feeling inspired by our mushrooms? Fancy giving it a go yourself?

We have developed our growing blocks so that you can grow your own Shiitake at home in the comfort of your own kitchen!! All you require is a tray to hold the block, some water and plenty of amazement as you watch your mushrooms grow!! Here are some of our Ebay feedback about this item:~

"Excellent. Love the mushrooms. A++"
"Yes, 2 weeks after soaking, there they are - big mushrooms bursting out"
"v happy with item, super fast postage A*"

For more information contact us, or download the instructions here.

Anti pasto

Why not try our special award winning antipasto, shiitake mushrooms infused with Snowdonia herbs and our secret ingredient all pickled white wine vinegar and sealed with olive oil. Great served with crispy white bread as a starter, an excellent addition to any buffet, or try as a dressing for salads.

Our Antipasto won a bronze award at the 2011 True Taste of Wales awards.


Mushroom Caviar

This Vegetarian and Vegan recipe is a unique marriage of Shiitake and Laver bread, the taste and texture is unforgettable, to be served on canapés, as a stuffing for a chicken breast or just on toast for breakfast! Adds a touch of luxury to any event. This is a chilled product and has a shelf life of 12 days, eat within 3 days of opening.
This product won a National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award 2012.


Mushroom Powder

This is a kitchen store cupboard essential, a secret ingredient in many dishes. Use to give food some “oomph”, in gravy, soup and can be used as a seasoning to give meals a deeper taste. This is a “hidden” ingredient used by many food producers. The amount of powder can be increased to give a stronger taste. To make a simple Shiitake dip to serve with carrot sticks, mix some powder with soft cheese… a delicious 1 minute health boost!


Umami Seasoning

This delicate blend of Shiitake and Halen Môn Sea Salt is amazing. Both Shiitake and Seaweed hold Umami which is enhanced by Halen Môn’s world renowned sea salt. Umami is widely recognised in the Eastern World as the 5th Taste- a mineral earthy flavour. This product has varied uses such as using as a steak rub, in risottos, as a “crust” for a joint of beef, or just as you would use normal seasoning. The lower salt content (60% less than normal salt) gives a healthier option.
For recipes, please click here.

The Umami powder was deemed the most innovative product of 2012 by the National Trust Fine Farm Produce Awards.



Umami Chocolate

Specially produced by Cathryn Cariad Chocolates, both dark and milk chocolates have undertones of the distinctive Umami taste; sweet and smokey with a hint of salt and a mineral aftertaste, special and very very more-ish!!





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